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Posted: Thursday, December 15 2016 2:57:09 PM

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835 Remittance Example

835 Remittance source file.
The 835 example file source.x12 contains two remittances. The
first remmittance is a summary remittance. The second remittance
has service detail information for ten service lines.

Basic Inline

Base Mapping for the 835
The basic test example uses 10 service lines.

Inline using SL option

835 map for use with the SL option.
The SL example uses map that has been mapped to more than one 
service line. The file created will have a record for each service
line in the file. If a remittance has no service lines a record
will still be created for that transaction.

Inline using the ML option

835 map for use with the ML option.
The ML option requires that the map used is only mapped with one
service line. If the remittance has multiple service lines they
are dynamically mapped based on the one mapped. A record is created
for each service line. A record is also created for transactions
that do not have service lines.
- Basic DBF Database Parser